Travel Grants for post-graduate students and postdoc researchers not employed by the University - School of Technology and Innovations

Postgraduate students in Schools (grant researchers and self funded) and postdoc researcher on a grant have the possibility to apply for travel grants to attend conferences. The grants may also be applied for participating in a scientific education course, provided that the course is a part of your personal postgraduate study plan, and that a similar course is not provided by the University of Vaasa.


The criteria for approving the travel grant application include:

  • The dissertation supervisor supports the application of a postgraduate student who has proceeded well and within the targeted timeline with his/her studies.
  • First priority is given to conference presentations that aim for at least a publication forum (JuFo) level 1 or equivalent scientific publication.
  • Participation in the conference further advances the completion of the dissertation.
  • Priority is given to postgraduate students, who have not yet received a travel grant for a similar purpose within the same calendar year.
  • Applications for funding from other sources are regarded positively.
  • The decision will be based on the equal treatment of all applicants in the long term.


Applications are handled at the beginning of each month. In general, the payment will then be by the end of the month in question. The actual travel must take place within the agreed timeframe to the agreed destination. 

Grant amount and grounds for the grant

The amount of the travel grant depends on the destination, length and content of the trip. However, one person cannot receive more than 1500 € per calendar year for travel costs. The amount of the travel grant also depends on the School’s finances. Travel grant is not necessarily granted to cover all travel costs, the granted money may also be part of the total funding of the trip. A larger amount may be granted based on a justified reasoning together with a specified cost estimates. The travel grant may cover costs for travelling, accommodation and participation fees or part of them. The costs must be specified in the application. Also a copy of your supervisor's recommendation letter should be attached (eg. a PDF copy of email). 

Travel grants will not be granted retrospectively. If a trip, for which the travel grant is granted for, is cancelled or the time or purpose of the trip changes, you should immediately inform the university and return the grant.

After the trip you should provide a report as agreed upon with your supervisor. You should also submit the report and copies of travel expenses receipts to, within one month of the end of the trip. 

Grant decisions are based on the amount the specific School has budgeted for this purpose. The School has the right to approve or disapprove the travel grant application. Decisions are final and cannot be appealed.




I commit to acquire a travel insurance for the trip.

I understand that this trip is voluntary, that the University of Vaasa is not responsible for any incidents that may occur during the trip, and that I cannot make any claims concerning them.

If my trip is cancelled, I will immediately return the grant to the University of Vaasa. I understand that the grant may be recovered if any of the conditions remain unmet.

I will provide a report of the trip as agreed upon with my doctoral thesis supervisor. I will submit the report along with copies of travel expence receipts to within one month of the trip. I will report the trip to the University Research Information System Solecris.

By filling in the application form I will accept the commitment above.